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Vision Board Workshop

In this transformative workshop, we embark on a journey to bring our aspirations to life through the power of vision boards. Commencing with a guided meditation and visualization session, we delve into crafting the ideal life within our minds, paving the way to visually articulate our visions on expansive white cardboard canvases. As we meticulously curate these representations, we’re instructing our minds on intentional focus, making our dreams vivid and within reach. Embracing spiritual evolution, well-being, relationships, career aspirations, entrepreneurial pursuits, domestic bliss, and parenthood dreams, we empower ourselves to define who we want to become, where we envision residing, and the milestones we strive to achieve—unbound by limitations. This journey transcends subconscious barriers, allowing us to embrace a clean slate.

Moreover, you’ll discover the potency of positive affirmations and mantras, harnessing their strength within our vision boards to fortify our goals.

Manifest Your Dreams
Class duration:2 hours
Price:$44 (plus 10.1% tax)
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