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Quantum Healing

Our Aura Analysis and Healing Frequency Session can help individuals reconnect with their soul and heart, balance their chakras, and clear their subconscious blockages. It is true that our early childhood experiences can shape our perceptions and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. These perceptions can then become the foundation for our subconscious programming and influence our thoughts, emotions, and behavior throughout our lives. By using bio-resonance technology and the Healy device, you can help individuals identify and release any negative subconscious programming that may be holding them back.

The Aura Analysis and Healing Frequency Session is a powerful tool for individuals who are looking to deepen their self-discovery and explore the root causes of any negative beliefs or behaviors they may have. By balancing the chakras and using healing frequencies, individuals can raise their vibration and overcome any blockages that may be preventing them from living a happy and fulfilling life.

We guide our clients to explore their true selves and connect with their innermost being. This can be a transformative experience that empowers individuals to live their lives with more authenticity and joy.

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Quantum Healing - Package of 5 sessions
Class duration:50 minutes
Price:$444 (plus 10.1% tax) / pack. of 5
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