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Super Agers Club

These workshops are for super agers who want to enhance their cognitive abilities and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. As we age, it’s natural for our memory and cognitive functions to decline, but there are steps we can take to maintain and even improve our brain health.

This is a great opportunity for individuals who may be experiencing forgetfulness or other cognitive challenges to learn techniques to enhance their cognitive function. The workshops will focus on physical activities that promote left and right brain balance, such as pace movements, breathing techniques, and other exercises that promote the building of new neural pathways.

Additionally, the workshops will emphasize the importance of social connections and building a supportive community, which can have a significant impact on overall well-being and cognitive function.

Our focus will be on helping super agers maintain their cognitive abilities and lead active and fulfilling lives is a valuable contribution to the community, and our workshops are sure to be a hit among individuals looking to enhance their cognitive abilities and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Come to our social and joyful super ager club for a fit mind and brain.

Class duration:60 minutes
Price before tax:$444 / Pack. of 10 sessions (plus 10.1% tax)

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Class duration:60 minutes
Price:$1 / Package of 10 sessions
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