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Brain Gym

Discover the transformative power of our engaging brain gym practices, games, and activities. By incorporating cross-body movements and specialized breathing techniques, we help reduce stress and enhance cognitive skills like concentration, memory, and attention in children and young adults.

Mind and Brain, Brain GymEmbrace a balanced mind and brain for a brighter future. We’re dedicated to restoring balance in young minds amidst today’s digital frenzy. Through mindfulness, brain training, and stress management techniques, we empower kids and teenagers to enhance cognitive skills, rediscover their true selves, and embrace a life of joy and fulfillment. As they increase their self-confidence through brain exercises, we also help them manage their stress by P.A.C.E (Positive, Active, Clear, and Energetic) movements: a series of techniques designed to reduce stress by improving connections in the brain. Our purpose is to help them to improve their cognitive skills, be more present in their life, connect with their true self without judgement and become whole and joyful human beings.

Improve your cognitive skills such as concentration, focus, and memory with 1:1 and group classes.

Brain Gym - Package of 4 sessions
Class duration:50 minutes
Price:$444 / package of 4 sessions
Brain Gym - Package of 10 sessions
Class duration: 50 minutes
Price: $999 / package of 10 sessions
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